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Once again a perfect item and exceptional service!

“Once again a perfect item and exceptional service!! Thank u Miss Moss!!” Kim, ACT.


MISS MOSS interview on Life Instyle Blog

For those interested MISS MOSS recently appeared on the FAB Life Instyle Blog. It’s a fun interview with a “day-in-the-life” feel. It includes tit-bits on random musings about the MISS MOSS journey, pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres suggestions and fashion of course! Check the entire interview out HERE. It’s a bit of fun…


Miss Moss Abroad in OCT 2010

I’m off oversaes in two weeks to sort out my next collection for the Sydney Life Instyle 2011 collection and I always start to exerience seperation anxiety from my kids at around this time. I am jittery, anxious and not “quite right”. I find it hard to concentrate, relax and actually “look forward” to going overseas for work, despite the fact that I know they are in safe hands with my beloved Gregoire. I’ll upload a few shots soon to pull at the heart strings…x


Milton Village Markets OCT 2010

Me at the Milton Village Markets, October 2010

I’ve always loved markets. I love the way people mingle and interact. I love the smells that fill the air: coffee, fairy floss, sausages. I love the sound of kids squealing as they chase one another or as they go round-and-round on a dinky ride. I love the music and singing that usually punctuates the air. Also: the eclectic mix of stall holders who sell everything from waratahs, to second hand books and honey. I love markets for the sense of community and the break from the day-to-day that they offer. Markets are a place where people – more often than not – smile, laugh and share stories. Or simply saying hello to a complete stranger.  Markets make you forget, even for an instant, about all the sadness in the world. (Photos Copyright: Moo Dath Reinvent Yourself)

A splash of colour by the local kids at the Milton Village Markets.


Miss Moss @ FLORIADE

Flowers are truly exquisite things. So whimsical, romantic, fragile/short lived…The shapes, colours and intricacy surely evoke a higher being…And the aroma! On this, the second weekend of Spring 2010, my family and I spent our time in the Nations Capital. More specifically we roamed under a pristine blue sky @ FLORIADE, Australia’s celebration of spring that runs from Saturday 11 September – Sunday 10 October, 2010.

This event is REALLY worth a visit. It has evolved into such a sophisticated, dreamy yet fun-filled affair that delights the senses. There were hot air balloons, giant fairies, farm animals. But the thing that was most arresting were the wonderful operatic sounds that filled the main arena. Ahhh..bliss! A single shrill voice, coupled with a piano…divine. My three children and I rode on a 35m ferris wheel ride, ate donuts, wandered among the blooms/savoured the wonder and the beauty…And we stayed in BRILLIANT accommodation at  The Diamant Boutique Hotel.

This delightful hotel – located in close proximity to civic – really is fabulous, with a series of wine bars, a restaurant, a day spa, a nearby cafe (Urban Cafe) that is like a slice of Surry Hills in the A.C.T (see image above) – who would have ever thought? The whole vibe is designer/high end/urban at its best. I can’t wait to go back! Inspiration is everywhere here…


History of Eco Fashion

How exactly did the ethical fashion movement come about? The BBC wrote this wee tit-bit on their website recently. It’s worth a quick peep. And what a clasic shot – these ladies are fab!


The Art of Nowness

Every now and then you stumble upon something that is je ne sais pas…Well is such a thing! By their own volition, this NY based mob describe what they do as “a new way to experience global luxury lifestyle online, featuring unique daily content from the most respected and innovative creatives working today.” This blog is truly fabulous, innovative and inspiring. Really, you should check it out for yourself. It’s a bit of a gobsmacker! Delicious.


What a difference a day makes…

What a Difference a Day Made: Dinah Washington Songs can sum up so much about one’s life. The song that really resonates for me at present is “What a Difference a Day Made” by Ms. Dinah Washington & the divine, handsome, talented Mr. Tony Bennett. Lately, I find myself singing verses from this song when impromptu/unexpected occurences happen dans ma vie. It happened to me today, for instance. I have to admit, my singing is barely inaudible but happens nonetheless and usually just includes the first few lines: “What a difference a day made, twenty-four little hours”…Anyway, despite not being privy to many of the lyrics, this kooky little song has gotten under my skin. So, I decided to settle matters and present the lyrics here – for all the world to see. Loud n’ proud I say! What a difference a day makes! To hear Dinah sing it, click here.  (more…)


Grey is the New Black

Sass and Bide Chaplin Tee

I have just discovered grey and it is my new black. I always thought that grey would drain the skin: i.e make the wearer look wan, sunken-eyed, depleted…you get the drift..But, alas! Grey does not do these things. Instead it’s easy to wear (like black) but it’s softer, somewhat moodier and it has more depth than black, that is just so….well, black.  Grey is great to layer (i.e with white and/or other greyish tones); it’s also good with a splash of colour (I favour coral); and wonderful with silver jewellery.  I thought this Sass and Bide t-shirt was cute. It’s available for sale via their website.


I Wish the World was Green: The Eco Issue

Today I dedicated to ranting and raving about all things green & sustainable in my March Newsletter 2010 – The Eco Issue. If you wish to read it, be my guest. It contains some interesting little tit-bits on eco-couture, designer icebergs and the like. I think I’ve had my rave for the day, so there’s really not much more to add. It’s all there in black & white: check it out! And see you next month for my monthly rave on…mmm…let me think…I’ll get back to you on that one! Ciao for now!


Our Mission

What started as an exclusively wholesale + online fashion venture has spread its wings to include a flagship store in the delightful South Coast town of Milton, NSW.

We design + manufactures contemporary jewellery, accessories + garments with a commitment to sustainability. We use natural fibres, trade ethically + recycle where possible.

In addition to our own items, we increasingly represent the work of others who share this vision. Love the love. MM x

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