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Posts Tagged ‘Fashion’

New Products at MISS MOSS

We have some rocking new products in our online and retail store. These include stud earrings that are laser cut from wood then assembled by hand. Others are cut from plastic and include the gorgeous Dragster Bike studs (seen below) – all of them have sterling silver posts. Also featured are delightful brooches. They are designed by Sydney based Made by White and brought to you by MISS MOSS.

Dragster Bike Earrings

Hootie Owl Earrings

Hedgehog Earrings

Red Watering Can Brooch

Dance Practice Brooch


Golden cape made with silk from a million spiders

A cape made from the silk of 1.2m Golden Orb spiders from Madagascar will be on display at the V&A in London this month. This glorious creation took eight years to create and uses fabric not woven in more than a century. The hand-woven textiles are naturally golden in colour. The cape was made by Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley. For more go to The Guardian.


Sex up your Wardrobe 70s style

87-year-old fashion merchandising legend Mary Lipshut, has agreed to will her extensive archives to Melbourne’s RMIT university.

“There’s a lot of nostalgia here,” she says, gesturing to the walls covered in photographs of old friends like Gianni Versace, Tai Missoni and Frank Sinatra. For more on this refer to article from SMH.

Courreges Skirt from ML Vintage


Fashion Faux Pas Top 10

We’ve all seen them. We’ve probably even done them. It’s the modern fashion faux pas, not to be confused with the fashion faux pas of yesteryear when it was socially unacceptable to leave the house without a hat and gloves. The modern fashion faux pas takes things to an entirely new level – take Tara Reid or Janet Jackson’s nipple flashing as an example. Wear underwear people!

Here’s my list of the top ten fashion faux pas:  visible g-string thong (so Kath and Kim!); socks with sandals (ewwww!); streaky or excessive fake tan; clothes that are too small; white shoes; unwanted skin exposure (see Tara Reid); corporate wear with sneakers (I’m about to throw up); age appropriate clothing (Joan Collins take note); shorts with stockings or stockings with open toed shoes; wearing a wedding dress when it’s not your wedding day (ditto Britney Spears). Do all those things make you feel completely grossed out? Wait until you see some of these images.

Left: Mariah Carey looks like a dill in stockings and shorts. Right: Tara Reid flashes her nipple..oopsie daisy..will she ever live it down?!

There's something not quite right about Gwenyth Paltrow's jumpsuit...

What was Anne Hathaway thinking when she wore this to the Oscars in 2007?

I forgot to add cracked heels to my fashion faux pas list...

Now that's just plain weird. We know where your nipples are love.

What is the guy in the red t-shirt thinking?


MISS MOSS loves Black Sheep

These “Black Sheep” images are from the amazing weheartit. This site features millions of images – discovered, shared and posted by people like you and me. It’s a great place to look for inspired visual ideas, concepts and such. Well worth a look. I simply love these so called “black sheep” images. So evocative. The world needs a bit more punk/grunge action. After all, where would we be without the Patti Smith’s of this world? Suddenly, Johnny….



Fashion Websites 2010

Lee Angel Necklace

No much to report in this – the first wek of DEC 1010 – except that I have unearthed some fairly special fashion oriented websites, listed below:
*I’ve always been a true believer of the mag Dazed & Confused but now L.O.V.E the online site even more.
*Business of Fashion, this site offers fashionista + industry enlightement. A must click. No, really.
* the self confessed online home of fashion + style.
*The Moment Blog for the NY Times features everything from art to fashion + film. A great set of ears + eyes on what’s happening around the world in these genres.

Have a beautiful + inspired week. Love MISS MOSS! xxx


LifeInstyle: August 2010

So, had a meeting yesterday about the Melbourne LifeInstyle trade fair set for Aug. 2010. It’s not too far away. But the question is: industrial? recycled? sleek? designer? I like the idea of a neutral shell (white/grey) to make the products POP. I also like the idea of wallpaper. Good lighting is imperative; as is a homely, welcoming feel – not too sterile (that’s def. OUT!) And how to hang the clothes? Wire? An antique clothes horse? The idea of a provencial ladder is being tossed about..I like this idea. This could exhibit clothes and bling nicely. Ohhhh…decisions, decisions. You know what? I can’t WAIT!


Miss Moss off to Bali!

So, I’m off to Indonesia on Sunday to talk: fabric, fashion et al. This time around I am keen to get some silk/cotton scarves off the ground; as well as the addition of belts and kaftan tops to the range. I’ll definitely be off to Ubud, and on that note, might grab myself a copy of Eat, Pray, Love by author Elizabeth Gilbert from the local library. Last time I was there, I couldn’t get over the amount of people who suggested I buy myself a copy! What else? Oh, yes..a trip to Sanur is on the cards; never been, but heard it’s good. Equally, Nusa Dua.I think I should probably spend a day at home tomorrow packing/getting organised. The adventure awaits!


Miss Moss: Dreaming of Winter Collection 2010

It’s summer here in OZ, but I am dreaming of my winter collection already! There’s a theme going on in my mind: charcoal, chocolate with inspired insertions of colour, texture and drama. I’m due to pick up the most STUNNING fabric tomorrow – soft, charcoal wool with black beaded embroidery that dances around the hemline. The plan is for a go-everywhere/look-stunning-without-much-effort coat that is straight and long-ish (to the knees is ample). Then there’s another inspired bolt of fabric, a basic ruffle-upon-ruffle affair, that I intend to get made up into a long (mid-calf) sleeveless, cross-seasonal vest. I also have plans for tunics that require nothing else except lots of layers – leggings and such (these are made from a textured NZ fabric); a selection of comfy pants and matching cami’s; and an array of other jackets that are still on the drawing board. Now, where’s the snow?


All Miss Moss Wants for Xmas…

Dior By Dior: The Autobiography of Christian Dior

Dior By Dior: The Autobiography of Christian Dior

I’ve just ordered myself a Chrissy prezzie that I couldn’t resist! It’s something I’ve been hankering after for a while. It’s a book, titled:
Dior by Dior: The Autobiography of Christian Dior, published by Victoria & Albert Museum Publications. I can’t wait to get my teeth into the world of golden age haute couture and find out about the man behind all that splendour, theatre and creativity! I do have one question though. Why is the dust jacket so bleedin’ boring? This man needs colour, sequins, fireworks – at the very least. Tsk. Tsk. I will keep you posted.


Our Mission

What started as an exclusively wholesale + online fashion venture has spread its wings to include a flagship store in the delightful South Coast town of Milton, NSW.

We design + manufactures contemporary jewellery, accessories + garments with a commitment to sustainability. We use natural fibres, trade ethically + recycle where possible.

In addition to our own items, we increasingly represent the work of others who share this vision. Love the love. MM x

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