I’m a big believer in breaking rules – all that rigidity + structure drives me nuts! Where’s the fun in lining up in a row + doing things like everyone else? No thanks! I’d rather do things a little differently – like Thomas A. Edison who said: “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something!”

Yellow Hibiscus bag made with Mexican Oilcloth

My penchant for rule breaking is partly why I’ve added Mexican Oilcloth products to my site – kids aprons, placemats + lunchboxes + such.  Some, a long way from the realms of “fashion” but – heck – they still qualify in the style stakes. The good thing is that – where and when possible – these items are made in Australia at a sheltered workshop which employs autistic + handicapped adults, while the remaining items are crafted in Mexico. An inspired reason to support this rule breaking session! My advice? Go hard early! Have a great day!