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Cover Image Conundrum…

Personal taste is an interesting thing to contemplate. What one person likes, another does not + vice versa. Which is why creating a brand image, a commercial catalogue – or LOOK BOOK – as they’re now called in the fashion game, is an interesting conundrum. As a creative director, does one go with one’s gut feeling? In my case, a propensity to be instantly enamored with the more outlandish + colourful? Or does one bow to the populace + acquiesce? My feeling is the answer’s somewhere in between.

As a brand, you don’t want to clout customers over the head with a particular “look” nor do you wish to thrust any visual prejudices you have down their throats. Really, it’s up to the customers to respond to a brand, the mood that it evokes + what it is trying to sell. The customers are the vehicle which shape a brand. It’s their response that matters. Now, let’s consider two images. While looking at the images that I had at my disposal today, I was torn between choosing picture “A”{above} or picture “B” {below} as the cover shot for my 2011 catalogue.


Picture “A” does it for me as it is so visually arresting. Not only does the lime of the necklace jump out at me – and grab me by the throat – but the model looks so incredibly beautiful, like a statue or a sculpture. Picture “A” makes me stop + look + ask questions: what is this? who is this? how can I get some? However, on the flip side Picture “A”  has the potential to divide people: what happens if they don’t like lime; find this image slightly emotionless? Which brings me to picture “B”  – the one with the circle vest in orange + red. This image works on a number of levels. It is friendly, easy on the eye and non-confrontational. All of these things mean that it might not divide consumers to the degree that the other picture does + therefore has a more immediately accessible appeal. So, the question remains, which image shall it be?


About the Author

The creative director/founder of MISS MOSS, Siobhan O’Brien, is perhaps best known as an Australian journalist + author. In the publishing industry for around fifteen years, Siobhan has been published in most major Australian newspapers + magazines. Siobhan has drawn + created things since she knew how. But, the MISS MOSS journey started when she dabbled in jewellery design around 2008. She relished the creativity + got a buzz out of crafting objects for people to wear. The business kicked along, but it was after the birth of her third child, that this creative endeavour turned into something more significant. MISS MOSS expanded to include women’s clothing + other fashion accessories such as bags, belts, scarves. Now, Siobhan continues to design + make many of the pieces in the collection, while she works closely with fashion designers to devise the rest. MISS MOSS is currently available throughout Australian + New Zealand, employs a host of manufacturers in Australia + abroad + continues to grow.


Our Mission

What started as an exclusively wholesale + online fashion venture has spread its wings to include a flagship store in the delightful South Coast town of Milton, NSW.

We design + manufactures contemporary jewellery, accessories + garments with a commitment to sustainability. We use natural fibres, trade ethically + recycle where possible.

In addition to our own items, we increasingly represent the work of others who share this vision. Love the love. MM x

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