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Flowers are truly exquisite things. So whimsical, romantic, fragile/short lived…The shapes, colours and intricacy surely evoke a higher being…And the aroma! On this, the second weekend of Spring 2010, my family and I spent our time in the Nations Capital. More specifically we roamed under a pristine blue sky @ FLORIADE, Australia’s celebration of spring that runs from Saturday 11 September – Sunday 10 October, 2010.

This event is REALLY worth a visit. It has evolved into such a sophisticated, dreamy yet fun-filled affair that delights the senses. There were hot air balloons, giant fairies, farm animals. But the thing that was most arresting were the wonderful operatic sounds that filled the main arena. Ahhh..bliss! A single shrill voice, coupled with a piano…divine. My three children and I rode on a 35m ferris wheel ride, ate donuts, wandered among the blooms/savoured the wonder and the beauty…And we stayed in BRILLIANT accommodation at  The Diamant Boutique Hotel.

This delightful hotel – located in close proximity to civic – really is fabulous, with a series of wine bars, a restaurant, a day spa, a nearby cafe (Urban Cafe) that is like a slice of Surry Hills in the A.C.T (see image above) – who would have ever thought? The whole vibe is designer/high end/urban at its best. I can’t wait to go back! Inspiration is everywhere here…