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The sun is shining. I’m white, freckled and a tad crusty eyed. Didn’t sleep that well last night. I think it was a result of the MSG in the Chinese food last night. The question is: can this girl pull off a sexy look for the imminent fashion photoshoot (set to feature in the clothing section of the Miss Moss E-Boutique ) which is supposed to be inviting, invigorated, inspired? This is certainly not how this girl feels. How do those professional models do it – look so sumptuous/seductive day-after-day? Perhaps they don’t focus on how they actually “feel” (i.e tired, hormonal, grumpy like most of us) — moreover they rely on the reality of how they “look” (good genes, starving themselves thin and assistance via cosmetics, botox, photoshop et al) Well, all I can say is this: I do NOT aspire to be a model! Why would I: go without food (and give up all those FABULOUS dinner parties?); give up my time for seemingly mindless pursuits (insert critisism here); stand around all day & look at the ceiling/wall/floor. NO thanks! I am modelling today to: save cash; keep my photographer happy (Sue Stubbs doesn’t like mannequins/mannequins remind her of blow up dolls/she doesn’t want any fights with ANY third party – mannequin included); and 3: to keep the wheels of commerce moving so I can educate and feed my kids…So, onwards and upwards. Model I will! I will smile + look coy (when required), look perky (when required), look smokin’ (when required, not as easy as it sounds) — geez, does this girl come with an on/off switch?! Now, I am raving. Breathe deeply. I will post the results soon.