MISS MOSS Australian fashion and accessories label.

This MUST be the week for new categories! I’d like to introduce yet another, titled “Miss Moss Lovers”. This section of the blog is reserved for people/customers/friends who look HOT/SAUCY/FABULOUS in their Miss Moss apparel and want to SHOW the world and HOLLER it from the rooftops! “Miss Moss Lovers” will feature a picture of the aforementioned happy customer wearing/clutching/kissing (!) their selected Miss Moss items, followed by a blurb on: why they selected this item; what they wear it with; what they like most about it; what sort of compliments they get while wearing it..et cetera..You with me? If you’re a Miss Moss Lover, please send me a pic of yourself. I’d be happy to post it (and info on you!) on this blog. Remember, have fun!