MISS MOSS Australian fashion and accessories label.

I’ve decided to add a category to this blog called “Miss Moss Interviews”, reserved for creative folk who currently work within the arts, media, fashion, design industries. The idea with it is to have fun, do a bit of social networking, be inspired (always!), learn and share something. The guys n’ gals who will feature in the “Miss Moss Interviews” category will be: 1) my mates (within the specified industries); 2) someone I’ve met who inspires me (within the specified idustries); or 3) someone I’ve worked with (ditto). There is however, a fourth category, that I failed to mention. This is where YOU the Miss Moss blogster/lover – can assist. This category is: 4) someone I HAVE NOT met, who YOU find interesting/inspiring who works in the arts, media, fashion, design industries. I welcome your suggestions! Email/comment me your thoughts.